Purpose of life

Purpose of life: Essential quality to learn Ayurveda
आयु: कामायमानेन धर्मार्थ सुखसाधनम् । आयुर्वेदोपदेशेषु विधेय: परमादर: ॥
āyu: kāmāyamānena dharmārtha sukhasādhanam | āyurvedopadeśeṣu vidheya: paramādara: ||

To achieve the purpose of life, that is

Dharma – following the path of righteousness
Artha – earning money in a legal way
Kama – fulfilling our desire
Moksha – achieving Salvation,
To achieve this purpose of life, one should concentrate on having a long life. To learn the science of Ayurveda, which explains how to achieve this purpose, ‘obedience’ (Vidheya) is the most important quality.


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